RS Corey Enterprises, Inc., founded in 2007 by Rex and Stephanie Corey, now occupies a beautiful new 4,600 sq. foot shop  in Orwell, VT lovingly dubbed "Overkill Garage".  With lots of new 'toys' and equipment, Rex looks forward to working on many new and exciting projects from custom machining and fabrication to excavating and landscaping projects. 

Rex is the "R" in RS Corey Enterprises, Inc. Recently retired, Rex worked for the past thirty years for Green Mountain Power ( formerly Central Vermont Public Service). Prior to retiring, he served as the Transmission Line Foreman, managing large power projects all over the state.  

In addition to his long career

with the utility, Rex simultaneously ran a successful logging and excavating business for many years.  

While Rex has now retired from GMP, he has little plans for slowing down. Idle time is not something Rex is comfortable with.  

Rex is excited to put his equipment and machine shop to work and welcomes the opportunity to "talk shop"  with you.  


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RS Corey Enterprises, Inc.

13 Raymond Hill Road

Adirmont Drive (Pvt)

Orwell VT 05760 US

Stephanie is the "S" in

RS Corey Enterprise, Inc. and in addition to assisting Rex with his business, she is the Broker/Owner of Adirmont Real Estate, LLC, which shares space with Rex at Overkill Garage. 

Stephanie grew up in Orwell - and knows the area well, a necessary part of selling local real estate. 

Stephanie also has a strong background in marketing and business development, skills she is happy to share...when not busy with real estate or helping Rex, you can find her building websites and other marketing materials for other local businesses, friends and family.

Need a website for your business?  (The answer is YES, you do, and if you don't yet have one, talk with Stephanie).



13 Raymond Hill Road, Adirmont Drive, Orwell VT 05760 US